Water pump parts & repairs

We supply parts and repairs for  just about every brand of water pump in New Zealand. Based in Hamilton, we do in-house repairs quickly and to a high standard.

The care and service of water pumps varies depending on the type of pump you have. We recommend regular servicing to ensure the longevity of your pump however some kinds can get by with virtually none.

Again if you aren’t sure which category yours falls into talk to us, we have over 19 years experience!

If you have a breakdown, give us a call and we will happily talk you through the best options for your water pump repair.

We offer free quotes and have a 24 hour breakdown service!


We are water pump experts and we’re more than happy to help with any and all questions you might have.

24 hour breakdown service.

Free quotes.

What are the different kinds of water pumps?

The sort of pump you require depends on where you are getting the water from and where you are pumping it to.

There are many kinds of water pumps. The main ones in use today are:

Jet Pump – this is a motorised pump that moves the water from the source to the destination, often powered by air, water or steam and paired with a pressure tank to ensure the water is distributed evenly throughout the destination.

Submersible Pump – this needs to be submerged in liquid and can be installed in a bore hole, pit pond or sump and sewage.

Centrifugal Pump – this moves the water using a propellor to push it through and also needs to be submerged in water.

Water pump price

Water pumps vary quite a bit in price with the prices being a reflection on the quality of them. If you’re not a pump expert, it can get very overwhelming trying to choose the right one!

We can help with any and all of your pumping questions so get in touch!

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