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Why should I consider filtered water?

Water filters provide safe, clean, pleasant-tasting drinking water for stock and human consumption, something that’s becoming a highly-valued commodity in all households, schools, farms and a broadening range of commercial activities. Safe drinking water is also a fundamental public health requirement.

Water filters can prevent a number of common water borne nasties such as:

  • E coli
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Cholera
  • Giardia


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What are my water filtration options?

Water filters for household use

For many homes, particularly rurally, roof catchment or surface water is the most accessible water choice. Human, animal or bird faecal contamination is inevitable and a major concern. Many of these water catchment systems have also become contaminated with mineral content, sediment or decayed vegetation, bacteria or algae inclusion.

The Health Act requires that houses be sold with a supply of safe, clean water (potable water) available for human consumption, oral hygiene, utensil washing and food preparation.

UV filtration systems ensure the best possible quality for all domestic-use water and offer the safest method of treating water for human consumption. Municipal water supplies sometimes deliver water that tastes unpleasant, either because of treatment chemicals or natural minerals. In some instances wide-spread illness has resulted from poor or inadequately-treated town supplies.

Microlene filters – bench-top or under-bench – provide great tasting water for drinking, cooking and other domestic use. Filter cartridges need changing generally every three years, making them very economical. A litre of bottled water costs $1. Filtered tap water costs 0.1cents a litre.

Water filters for farms or rural use

Farm water used in dairy sheds and for stock to drink can get contaminated by many different bacteria and minerals such as iron and manganese. By setting up adequate water filtration methods, you will not only be compliant with the dairy shed water compliance laws, but you will have happier more productive stock who, like humans, drink more water if it tastes good.

How can we help?

We stock a variety of water filters and we’re a one stop shop for any kind of water filtration needs you might have, big or small. We work with a number of highly recommended brands such as Microlene, Steriflo, Filterpure, Kinetico, Pulsafeeder, Aquasafe, Aquashield Centurion. We service and provide parts for other brands such as Crystal Pure & Sterilight.

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Drinking Water in New Zealand Legislation

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