Iron Water Treatment
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Iron water treatment

If your water is a dark reddish/orange colour, smelly, staining your clothes, dishes or skin, you may have iron in your water!

If you have concerns about iron in your water, we recommend you have a professional water analysis done. We can do this for you.

Iron water contamination can be treated quickly and easily – we pride ourselves on offering the most effective solution for the best price so call our great team today!!

What causes iron in your water?

Water that comes through a bore or well can contain iron and will more often than not, require some form of treatment. Water passes through soil & rock within the earth and dissolves some minerals from these as it moves, holding these unless treated.

Is iron contaminated water dangerous?

No but it can change the colour and flavour of your food, stain your plates, tapware and other kitchen fixtures and body. It can also build up in your pipes, pressure tanks, water heaters and pumps reducing the quality of the water supplied from these. This build up means more frequent maintenance of your pumps and systems is required.

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