Complete Water Filtration Solutions

Safe drinking water, total home UV filtration, water quality service for farms & more!


Drinking water supplies

  • We provide water filtration services; filtration and pumping packages, filtration systems, Microlene water filters, UV filtration for household point of entry and dairy shed water standard compliance, farm water treatment for minerals such as iron and manganese.
  • We use highly respected suppliers: Microlene, Steriflo, Filterpure, Kinetico, Pulsafeeder, Aquasafe, Aquashield Centurion.
  • We service and provide parts for other brands such as Crystal Pure & Sterilight.

Drinking Water in New Zealand Legislation

Dairy and farm filtration

  • We offer a comprehensive water-quality service, with full lab-testing procedures.
  • We design and install correct water treatment systems for specific needs to overcome individual problems such as: Ph correction for water hardness, reducing calcium build-up and corrosion in pipes and hot water cylinders, Macrolite and chlorine treatment for iron and manganese removal. The use of water softeners is also very effective at removing iron from water.
  • Clean, great tasting water is a major attraction for dairy cows. They drink more, are healthier, and produce greater quantities of milk.

Swimming pool and spa filtration

  • We source and install all filters for spa pools, and check and maintain all spa electrics to ensure total safety and efficiency.
  • We correctly size, supply and install all filtration systems and filters for swimming pools, and attend to the required regular changing of pool filter media, using your choice of three media types.
  • New generation glass bead media will give a superior result – CALL US NOW 0800 487 387
    What are glass beads?
  • Suppliers and installers of compliant Ultra Violet (UV) treatment systems for small rural community water suppliers ie. schools, cafes, sports clubs, maraes, camp grounds, homestays etc.
  • Registered electricians and highly experienced pump and water reticulation specialists.
  • We do all water treatment and filtration needs for farms, life-style blocks, restaurants, industrial and commercial sites.

We provide a 24-hour breakdown service.

Davey Microlene Farm

Davey’s NEW Microlene Farm system is a self- contained unit providing healthy water through filtration, purification and disinfection. By removing minerals such as iron and manganese, the system disinfects water to ensure it is safe for your animals to drink, providing opportunities to improve herd health and reduce maintenance costs. The Davey Microlene Farm system can improve your farm’s productivity whether the source is groundwater, rivers, streams, dams or bores.

Find out more about this here.

Finance available through Davey Pumps
microlene farm unit
Dairy Filtration Experts Hamilton NZ

Equipment installed for 160c/m per day iron removal for a dairy farm in Palmerston North.

Water Filtration Experts Waikato

Microlene underbench filtration.

Filtration Experts New Zealand

Dairy shed, domestic and commercial UV treatment.

UV Filtration Systems

  • Our UV filtration systems give you pathogenically safe water for human consumption, oral hygiene, utensil washing and food preparation.
  • If you live rurally, roof catchment or surface water can become contaminated with human, animal or bird faecal mineral content, sediment or decayed vegetation, bacteria or algae inclusion.
  • Microlene filters – bench-top or under-bench – provide great tasting water for drinking, cooking and other domestic use. Filter cartridges generally need changing every three years, and we provide a reminder service when the change is necessary.
  • The Health Act requires that houses can be sold with a supply of safe, clean water available for human consumption, oral hygiene, utensil washing and food preparation.
  • Our fully-approved UV water filtration and purification systems are tailored and maintained to ensure complete water safety for all rural situations.
  • A full regular testing service is also offered.

Information on the Aquashield Centurion UV filter

Did you know plastic water bottles take up to 700 years to break-down. Use filtered tap water and re-useable water bottles instead. Save money and the planet!

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