Huge Discounts on Davey Pumps

– 35% off selected house pumps.  25% off all others.

26% off a UV water filtration system capable of treating water at 70L/min

– Filter cartridges and UV lamps less 20%

Davey Pumps HM60-06T

Davey XLHM60-08T Home Pressure System 

Fieldays Special: $834.00*
(Normally $1284.00, save $450.00)

Davey HM60-06T Home Pressure System 

Fieldays Special: $750.00*
(Normally $1159.00, save $409.00)

For product information see here.

Davey Pumps XJ70T

Davey DynaJet Home Pressure Pump XJ70T

Fieldays Special: $647.00*
(Normally $996.00, save $349)

For product information see here.

Microlene ASC70

UV 70L Centurion Water Filtration System 

Fieldays Special: $1500.00
(Normally $2048, save $548.00)

For product information see here.

SS600A Davey Pumps

SS600A Davey Automatic Plastic Vortex Dewatering Pump

Fieldays Special: $100.00*
(Normally $250.00, save $150.00)

  • Max head 8M
  • Max flow 250L/min
  • Ideal for swimming pool drainage
  • Sumps
  • Basements
  • 6month warrantee

If you have any other requests, please call us and we will tailor an offer to suit.

* All prices are GST exclusive and must be paid on collection.  No accounts at these prices.  Freight costs an additional $20.00 + GST. Offers valid to 15th July 2018.

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