Rural and Dairy

  • All farm-house electrical fault-finding, new wiring, alterations or wiring repairs
  • Dairy shed and farm building wiring – new, maintenance and alterations
  • Plant electrics – effluent pumps and systems, water treatment, milking plant electrical work
  • Electrical pump servicing (click here for more about pumps)


  • OSH electrical compliance for all appliances, including restaurants, builders, trade, factories
  • Generator maintenance checks
  • Retail shop equipment and lighting
  • Industrial shop installations
  • Renovations and alternations to work-shops and offices
  • Cool-store installations.
  • Floodlighting; for example schools and churches
  • Horticulture frost protection (find out about pumps here)


  • New house electrical wiring
  • Electrical renovations as part of home alternations
  • Electrical fault-finding repairs
  • Sewerage, dewatering pump, spa pump and pool pump electrical work (click here for pump information)

“Very happy with the electrical work New Zealand Electrical and Pumps did, I would rate it 10/10. He was very informative and took initiative when he couldn’t get a hold of me.”

– Robyn Place

Hamilton Electricians
Waerenga Estate Sewer Pump Station control cabinet

Waerenga Estate Sewer Pump Station control cabinet.  Cabinet was built and installed by NZEPL for Schick Construction & Cartage.

Switchboard – new or refurbishment.

Switchboard – new or refurbishment.

surge protection

Surge Protection – what it is & why you need it

Electrical surges, or rapid increases in voltage, are more common than most people realise and can destroy the circuitry of many household appliances, computers, TV and especially LED lights.

Surge protection commonly comes in the form of surge arresters which provide an alternative direct path for any over-voltage from a surge or spike to Earth. They keep the high voltage from destroying your electronics!

We highly recommend surge arresters to protect your expensive equipment. Talk to us today about how we can protect your home!