Rural and Dairy

  • All farm-house electrical fault-finding, new wiring, alterations or wiring repairs
  • Dairy shed and farm building wiring – new, maintenance and alterations
  • Plant electrics – effluent pumps and systems, water treatment, milking plant electrical work
  • Electrical pump servicing (click here for more about pumps)


  • OSH electrical compliance for all appliances, including restaurants, builders, trade, factories
  • Generator maintenance checks
  • Retail shop equipment and lighting
  • Industrial shop installations
  • Renovations and alternations to work-shops and offices
  • Cool-store installations.
  • Floodlighting; for example schools and churches
  • Horticulture frost protection (find out about pumps here)


  • New house electrical wiring
  • Electrical renovations as part of home alternations
  • Electrical fault-finding repairs
  • Sewerage, dewatering pump, spa pump and pool pump electrical work (click here for pump information)

“Very happy with the electrical work New Zealand Electrical and Pumps did, I would rate it 10/10. He was very informative and took initiative when he couldn’t get a hold of me.”

– Robyn Place

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Waerenga Estate Sewer Pump Station control cabinet

Waerenga Estate Sewer Pump Station control cabinet.  Cabinet was built and installed by NZEPL for Schick Construction & Cartage.

Switchboard – new or refurbishment.

Switchboard – new or refurbishment.

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