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Supply, maintenance and installation of UV filters

When would I need a UV filter?

If you are not on a municipal water supply and get your water through different means (rain water, river water, bore or well water), we highly recommend that you consider getting some sort of water filtration treatment for your water. Without doubt, water from these sources will be contaminated with protozoa, bacteria and virus’.

A UV filter is great for whole house water purification right at the source.

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Why choose a UV filter?

Standard water filters are great for removing sediment that often comes from animal droppings, dust, vegetation, pollen etc, however they don’t remove the micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasitic cysts that can contaminate the water as a result of the dropping. A UV filter is great at deactivating these nasties as they damage the DNA so the bugs can no longer reproduce, making them harmless to humans and the water 100% safe for human consumption. Whole house UV means the whole family has safe water for cooking, drinking, food prep, in the shower and for dental hygiene.

How do I look after my UV filter?

As these filters use the UV light to clean the water, it’s important to keep the quartz sleeve which encases the lamp, clean. The filter cartridges should also be checked every three months to ensure they aren’t fouled and no longer effective enough for the UV to do its job. Have a chat to our great team for full care details and we can also schedule reminders for you to check your UV light and filter cartridges.

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