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What does safe drinking water mean?

Safe drinking water is water that is free from microbiological and chemical contamination as outlined in the “Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand 2005”. This applies particularly if you live rurally and get your own water from either rain water, surface water or groundwater which is less than 30 metres deep. Each of these sources have their own issues:

Rain water: while this water is generally good quality, faecal matter from birds, possums etc in the gutters and roofs where the water is being collected can easily contaminate the water and the bacteria from the contamination then is throughout the water tank and plumbing system.

Surface water: this is collected from streams, lakes or rivers and has the same contamination issues as rain water, as well as silt contamination from surface run off.

Ground water: this is water collected underground via a well, bore or spring. Again, whilst it can be good quality it also is subject to faecal matter from animals, mineral and metals contamination such as iron, magnesium or calcium, nitrate contamination due to the use of fertilisers on the ground above or it can taste salty due to seawater intruding.

Worried about your water?

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What can I do to test my water?

Generally, water is tested for E-coli to determine contamination.  Though, the water source will determine potential contamination and testing can be an unnecessary expense as we will know that the water will be contaminated due to it’s source. The New Zealand Drinking Water Standards say that if any e-coli is present, the water is unsafe for human consumption.

If you are concerned about the quality of your water, it is best to get a professional to come and test it for you. Our team is very experienced in this and will be happy to do so – just give us a call on 0800 487 387

What can I use to ensure I always have safe drinking water?

There are a few water treatment solutions depending on the use and volume of the water you’re wanting to treat.

For household filtration, we recommend using UV as this is the safest and most comprehensive filtration and will remove bacterial and viral contamination, including nasties like giardia and cryptosporidium. This is done without the use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine, which can alter the taste of water and potentially contaminate it in other ways! UV treatment is usually done at the source of water entering the house, so all water is safe for consumption – great if you have small children!

Another way to treat household water is to install a carbon filter at the point of use outlets, such as drinking taps. However, this won’t treat all the water in your house and will not remove bacteria and viruses like the UV option.  It will protect against cysts and giardia and give you great tasting water.

To discuss your water treatment options, contact us. With 19 years experience we will be able to find a solution to any filtration issue you might have!

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