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Effluent pump specialists

Talk to us today if you need a new effluent pump or your current effluent pump needs repairing!

We supply effluent pumps from trusted brands such as:

  • Reid & Harrison
  • Hi Tech
  • Many other brands

With a fully equipped workshop, we can quickly and efficiently have your pump back up and running. We have over 20 years experience and have worked on a wide range of effluent solutions.

While effluent is mainly relevant to farms and waste water,is also a specialty of ours using a wider variety of pumps for jobs from private to municipal plants.


If you want expert advice about effluent pumps, give us a call today.

24 hour breakdown service.

Free quotes.

My effluent pump needs replacing

There are many options when replacing your effluent pump system and the right system for your needs depends on things like what your use is, how high the volume of fluid flushing through the pump will be, where it is located etc etc.

Give us a call and we can talk through your situation to come up with the right solution for you.

Effluent/waste water pump maintenance

There are a few simple things you can do at home yourself to ensure your effluent pump is kept clean and running well.

  • Don’t put things down the toilet that aren’t meant to be there! Too often do we see pumps breakdown or need replacing because of things being flushed down the toilet that should really be put into the rubbish.
  • If your pump starts to smell funny, it’s usually an indicator that something isn’t right. Get us out to have a look before the problem escalates!
  • Ask us to scheduled yearly checks for your pump in advance so you don’t need to remember yourself. We’re happy to do this, just let our friendly office team know.

We can help with this and if you mention this page when you book your service, you’ll get 10% off!

For more information about the Pump services we offer, take a look here.